3D Wooden World Map “Desert Storm”

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A wonderful four-level wooden world map made to beautify your home, office or any space you desire. Have fun and enrich your geographical knowledge by placing it with your family or friends. Named after the well-known military operation Desert Storm, this particular combination will try in turn to put the aesthetics of the desert in your living room without smearing your space with sand!

  • Blank Blank
  • Standard Standard
  • Premium Premium
  • 100x67cm 100x67cm
  • 150x100cm 150x100cm
  • 200x135cm 200x135cm
  • Yes Pins Yes Pins
  • No Pins No Pins
Useful information regarding the Wooden World Map.
What is a "3d Wooden World Map" ?

"3D Wooden World Map"

What associations does the world map evoke for you? For some it is associated with travel, for others with work, for some it is associated with geography and some others use the map simply as a means of navigation. Now you will have another association, decoration!

 The "3D Wooden World Map" is a modern wall decor that can perfectly complement any type of interior! Living room, children's room, office, shop or even a cafeteria, for everything you will find a version that suits you, and a wide variety of colors, sizes and versions of the map will help you with that!
Our map is the perfect choice for those looking for a unique gift for their loved ones or friends for their birthday, Christmas, housewarming or any other occasion!

What material is it made of ?

Our maps are made of natural wood (birch). Engraving is carried out using modern laser equipment, and all subsequent production stages are carried out manually.

We use 2 coloring methods:

  • The first way is by using impregnation varnish. In this case, the wood looks natural, preserving its structure and inherent waters. Maps with this overlay belong to the "3D Classic Collection" category.
  • The second way is acrylic coating. In this case, the structure of the tree is practically invisible, the surface is smooth but the colors are more intense. Maps with this overlay belong to the "3D Colored Collection" category.

The color may deviate slightly from the image due to the following reasons:

  • Depending on your screen settings.
  • Wood is a natural product and each piece has its own peculiarities.

Our maps practically do not fade over time because we use high quality materials. We also treat the environment with love and care, so we use eco-friendly materials for our maps and packaging.


The map is packaged in a beautiful gift box, and in such a way as to minimize damage in transit.

box for wooden world map

Dimensions, Versions, Accessories


Our maps are available in three sizes:

  • S - 100x67 cm.
  • M - 150x100 cm.
  • L - 200x135 cm.

Size guide for wooden world maps


The "version" parameter is about which details will be engraved on the map. You can choose one of three versions:

  • Blank - no country borders, no country names, no pin holes.
  • Standard - there are country borders, country names, the biggest lakes and the pin holes.
  • Premium* - there are the country borders, the biggest lakes, the names of countries and their capitals and the pin holes.

*The Premium version is not available for the S size map.


You have the opportunity to order together with the map the set of flag pins in a special Ksilart case, to mark on the map the places you have visited or dream of visiting!

Flag Push Pins Accessories for wooden world maps




Production and Delivery

Under normal conditions, it takes us 7-10 business days to have your order ready for shipping from the moment of your purchase. Weekends are excluded. Shipping is handled by DHL and usually takes another 7-10 business days. The product is carefully packaged inside our custom box to ensure it is as protected as possible during its travel to you.

We are not responsible for any delays that may occur from customs. Keep in mind that the product’s price does not include the extra cost of any customs, excise duties or another tax that you will be charged depending on your country’s location.
Our company is based in Greece, so there are no customs taxes for orders from European Union countries. For countries outside the European Union customs costs usually vary from 30~60$.

The Shipping Cost For Our 3D Wooden World Maps:

  • EU Countries – Free Shipping* (no custom taxes)
    *Excluding islands and island states. Shipping cost will be generated at checkout.
  • Non EU Countries – Free Shipping *(tax ~ 30-60$)
    *Excluding islands and island states. Shipping cost will be generated at checkout.
  • USA/Canada – 50 EUR (tax ~ 30-60$)
  • South America – 50 EUR (tax ~ 30-60$)
  • Asia – 50 EUR (tax ~ 30-60$)
  • Oceania – 80 EUR (tax ~ 30-60$)
  • Africa – 40 EUR (tax ~ 30-60$)
  • Rest World – 40 EUR (tax ~ 30-60$)



Installation takes a few hours. In general, it is an interesting process and we recommend doing it with your family or friends. You will find the instructions in the box of the map or on our website.

Installation video here

Some tips and hints:

  • Do not bend the map pieces.
  • Choose a clean, shady and flat spot on the wall.
  • Place the map out of the reach of small children and pets.
  • Clean the map gently with a dry soft brush.

After installing your map you can leave a review, preferably with a photo, on our website to receive a discount coupon for your next purchase! 


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