Does it require a handyman to install it?

The installation is very simple and could even be done by a 6 year old. Installation instructions are included in the box. Follow them closely


The space stick shows me that I haven't quite got the distance right between south america and africa

Don't sweat it. If the difference is less than 2 centimetres and everything looks right,then you are done.

How can I return an item?

To return or exchange your order all of the items must be present and in new condition as well as kept in their original packaging. The costs of the return shipping are paid by the customer and the items must be on clearance within 30 days from the moment you received the package. To make a personalized order you need to specify in detail what you want changed or different by writing an email or through social media. However mistakes can happen. If we made a mistake in a certain piece in your personalized order we will be happy to replace it for you with the correct version. But if the mistake happened because you spelled something wrong or you were not specific enough in your email and we got the wrong picture, then the item is not eligible for a replacement.

The map has collected dust,how do I clean it?

Gently cleaning it with any type of soft-haired brush should do the trick. Pretend you are an archaeologist unearthing dinosaur bones!


I want my map to be different or bigger than those you have available.

Send us a personal message telling us what you want different in details and we will get back to you if it is possible to be done or not. Keep in mind that custom maps cost more to produce and ship and take more time to make for many reasons.

How do I uninstall my map

The safest way to take the map off the wall is to use a blow-dryer's hot air and direct it in the space between the map and the wall,gently swiping it with a thin knife or putty knife. Still it will be hard to avoid damaging either the map or the wall's paint.

Some countries/islands are bigger/different than in reality

Some countries and islands like Cyprus have been made bigger to make it easier to be seen along with their name.